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Psychologist Melbourne Position Vacant – Psychologist or Counsellor (current 2016)


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Thank you for visiting the psychology jobs page of Primary Care Psychology, a clinical psychology service located in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne.


As a bulk-billing practice we have found it difficult to employ sub-contactorts, as the remuneration rates aren't commensurate with the years of study and training required to become a clinical psychologist.


However, Jonathon has recently launched a new online counselling service, Online Counselling and Therapy, and we are currently looking for psychologists and counsellors who wish to provide their services via Skype.




Psychology Jobs


Working with a team of qualified psychologists and counsellors you will see approximately 4 to 10 clients per day. We operate outside the Medicare "Better Access" system and therefore do not require GP referrals or additional paperwork.


We run morning, afternoon, evening and weekend shifts, and you may choose whichever shifts are convenient for you. We do, however, have a minimum requirements of 10 hours per week.


Referrals and peer supervision will be provided at no cost. We try to encourage a supportive atmosphere where you may seek advice and assistance from your colleagues.


As we try to minimise costs in order to provide a low-fee therapy service we do not have a full-time office administrator. Instread we use an online, self-service booking system and each practitioner is responsible for communicating with their clients.




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Essential criteria:


  • Qualified psychologist or accreddited counsellor
  • Experience and expertise in treatment of adults with depression, anxiety disorders (panic, GAD, social anxiety, performance anxiety, OCD, PTSD), eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder), gambling problems, substance misuse, anger, sexual and relationship difficulties
  • Ability to communicate professionally and concisely with other health professionals
  • Home office suitable for Skype counselling
  • Personal qualities that can be described as easy going, warm, caring and approachable


Prior to starting with us you will need to have an ABN (Australian Business Number) and evidence of current malpractice / public and products liability insurance, as this is a sub-contracting arrangement. You do not need to arrange an ABN / insurance before applying


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Generous remuneration (please enquire for details).


No need to worry about renting rooms or intensive marketing to find referrals.


Focus on therapy without all the hassles of business administration.


Work with supportive and well-qualified colleagues.



Psychologist Jobs



Please visit our Online Counselling careers page.


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