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Please note, the bulk-billed home-visit and workplace-visit services are available in the South-Eastern suburbs (between Port Melbourne and Mordialloc, and further eastwards).


Bulk-billed clinic appointments are available in Armadale (601 Dandenong Rd).


Fees and Rebates


Psychologists are now eligible to provide Medicare funded services to clients who have an appropriate referral from a GP, psychiatrist or paediatrician.


As part of our mission to provide clinical psychology services to all members of the community, Primary Care Psychology bulk-bills all services, so that clients do not have to pay any fees while funded by Medicare.




Obtaining a Referral for Medicare Rebates


To obtain Medicare rebates for psychological services, you need to have a Mental Health Treatment Plan from a GP (most common method), or a specific referral from a psychiatrist.


For instructions on how to obtain a Mental Health Treatment Plan, please click here.


Please note that not all psychological issues are covered under the Medicare system, and your GP will advise you on the best course of action for your particular concern.


Fee Schedule (with Medicare rebates)
(10 consultations per year)


Clinic, home or workplace visit:

  • $0 (bulk-billed)





For step-by-step instructions on how to obtain Medicare rebates for consultations with a psychologist, please see our Medicare Rebates information page.


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Consultation Fees (without Medicare rebates)


Prior to November 1, 2006, all clients paid for psychological services without the assistance of Medicare rebates.


In some cases Medicare rebates will not be available, for example:

- the client has already attended 10 Medicare funded psychology sessions in one calendar year but requires longer-term therapy.


- the client requires assistance for a psychological issue that is not covered by the Medicare system. For example, psychologists can assist a great deal with weight-loss and smoking cessation, but these types of programs are not covered by the Medicare system.



Fee Schedule (without Medicare rebates)

If you have private health insurance you may be able to obtain partial rebates on the fees listed below. Please contact your private health insurer to confirm your entitlements.


Home or office visit:

  • $140


Psychologist clinic:

  • $120



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Better Access

  • On November 1, 2006, the Federal Government, in conjunction with the Australian Psychological Society, announced new Mental Health Care items on the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS). These new items were created to improve access to mental health services provided by psychologists, and so far the response has been overwhelming.


    However, an article in The Age (May 7, 2007), entitled "Psychologist Access is a Mind Game", reported that the distribution of access to psychological services is skewed toward more affluent areas. Many psychologists are charging well above the Medicare rebated rate, which hinders access for those with low disposable incomes (i.e., cash in excess of the costs of daily living).


    Primary Care Psychology was created to improve access to psychological services to members of the community who have difficulty attending a regular medical clinic, or have difficulty paying standard clinic fees.


  • With this goal in mind, we are the first psychology service to offer a fully bulk-billed service, which can be especially useful for people who would otherwise miss out on professional psychological care.


Did you know?

  • The Australian Psychological Society's recommended fee for a 60-minute consultation with a psychologist is $228.


    Furthermore, the most common level of Medicare rebate for psychologists is $84.80 per hour. Therefore, Primary Care Psychology can save you up to $143.20 per consultation. Please note, our psychologists are members of the APS College of Clinical Psychologists, so you aren't sacrificing quality by choosing a bulk-billed service. © 2013 All Rights Reserved.
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